Conference Programme Tuesday 30th April

09:00 - 09:15 

Opening Remarks from the Organisers & Conference Moderator

Karin Butot, Chief Executive Officer, The Airport Agency (CONNECT Organiser) 
Nick Pilbeam, Divisional Director, Reed Exhibitions Ltd 
Jonny Ford, Aviation Development Editor, James Pearson 
09:15 - 10:15  Training

The Simpson Paradox in Donut Crunching!

Our session will explain how to get better data accuracy while estimating a route potential or analyzing your competitor performance. Data are a key element in your marketing activities, from Air Service Development, Passenger Profiling, or with your partners. We will walk you through the Simpson paradox to build better data donuts, for better and sweet results into your market analysis. You will have practical statistical examples you will be able to use while preparing your marketing activities.

Christophe Ritter, Managing Partner, Predictive Mobility 
10:15 - 10:45 

Coffee Break

10:45 - 11:30  Keynote

The State of the Airline Industry

John Strickland will present on the key influences at work in the airline world in 2019, with particular reference to the African, Gulf and Indian markets.

  • A comparison of the characteristics of each of the focus markets  
  • The impact of new airline business models and their likely sustainability
  • The importance of new aircraft types 
  • External challenges around the globe ranging from geo-political to volatile fuel prices

The session will be interactive so please come ready to challenge, question and debate with your colleagues!

John Strickland, Director, JLS Consulting 
11:30 - 12:00 

Airbus Briefing

This presentation will provide an update of the current Airbus product line and the latest changes or evolutions of ICAO airport infrastructure regulation, highlighting the positive impact it will have on airfield facilities.

It will also show what Airbus has on the drawing board, which technologies are currently available on our aircraft and which ones could become available in the future (from short to long term), and how beneficial these will be.

As a summary, this presentation will focus on airport challenges for the aircraft Airbus is actually going to deliver in the next decades.

Sebastien Lavina, Manager Airport Data, Airbus 
12:00 - 12:30 

China Southern Airline Briefing

Grace Tang will update us on recent company developments, China Southern's dual-hub strategy between CAN and PKI, and their cooperation strategy. 

Qiuling Tang, Senior Manager - International & Corporate Relations, China Southern Airlines 
12:30 - 14:00 

Networking Lunch

14:00 - 14:30  Keynote

European Union External Aviation Policy

Annabelle Lepiece discusses the ongoing negotiations for comprehensive air transport agreements between the EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council nations which are being hampered by protectionist voices.

Annabelle Lepiece, Partner, CMS DeBacker, Partner, CMS Belgium 
14:30 - 15:30  Session

Regional Focus: What opportunities and challenges for the Middle East region?

With a set of challenges unique to this region (oil revenues, regional conflict,) and the overall impact of a heavy regulatory agenda, what are the opportunities for the airports outside the super hubs? How are new emerging destinations positioning themselves to attract and develop traffic? How will new airline start ups plan to shake up the passenger demographics in the Middle East?

Jonny Ford, Aviation Development Editor, James Pearson 
Jacques Khoriaty, Middle East & South Asia Aviation Director, Egis 
Sudeep Ghai, Chief Customer & Commercial Officer, flyadeal 
Burhan Hanif, Director of Planning, Gulf Air 
15:30 - 16:00 

Coffee Break


Networking Continues

16:00 - 16:30 

The relationship between air service development and infrastructure: maximizing what is available and using this to plan for the future

Buddy will discuss the intertwined relationship of air service development and infrastructure: maximizing what you have and using this to plan for the future.  He will expand these topics, branching out to include thinking outside the box like KEF did and developing something far greater than what is readily apparent.

Buddy Anslinger, Director, Ricondo & Associates, Inc. 

End of Meetings

19:30 - 22:00 

Evening Networking Event

Venue: Viewing Deck, Palace Downtown Dubai

Dress Code: Business Casual

Network in style at The Viewing Deck! Take in the mesmerising views of Downtown Dubai including the magnificent Burj Khalifa and the dancing Dubai Fountain whilst enjoying an exceptional networking experience!