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Cagliari International Airport, located just 7 Km away from the city centre and very close to renowned tourist locations such as Pula, Villasimius and Costa Rey, is one of 13 strategic Italian airports. Located in the south of the island of Sardinia, the airport is the main gateway to the island and presents an ideal connection point between Europe, North Africa and the East and West of the Mediterranean. CAG currently handles 50% of the total regional air traffic.

In 2017 the airport reached its highest traffic record of 4,15 million passengers, up 12,5% from 2016. Last year, the airport also recorded the highest international traffic growth among all Italian airports with an increase of 38%. The strategy development of the airport aims to continue its expansion with a well-balanced portfolio of airlines and destinations, currently constituted by over 40 carriers and 78 destinations of which 55 are international.



Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean; the perfect blend of wild landscapes, pure nature and old traditions, and its capital city: Cagliari. Wearing its history on its sleeve, ancient ruins, museums and churches can be found around every corner – not to forget the Bastione di Saint Remy, which we are proud to announce as our venue for CONNECT 2019, hosted by Cagliari Airport and Sardinia Tourism.

Sardinia is one of the sunniest regions of Italy with over 300 days of sunshine per year: very warm weather during the summer and a mild climate in winter makes Cagliari a perfect destination to fly to all year round.


The island of Sardinia has been populated in various waves of immigration from prehistory to recent times, and for this reason boasts numerous archaeological sites including the typical nuraghe buildings and spectacular cave formations.

Barumini and Nora are two of the most impressive archaeological sites in the south of the island and both within an hour's drive of Cagliari.

Around 60km north of Cagliari is Barumini, a Nuragic village dating back to 1500 BC and discovered by archaeologists in the 1950s. It is recognised by UNESCO as a cultural heritage site, and over 7000 nuraghi (round tower shaped buildings made of stone, typical of Sardinia) have been found throughout the island, with thirty found in the territory of Barumini.

The ancient city of Nora was the first Phoenician city in Sardinia (VIII century BC) and thanks to its position in the bay of Pula in south Sardinia, soon became a hub for trading. In 238 BC it was conquered byu the Romans and grew by over 8000 inhabitants. This is where the Nora Stone was found, where the name "Shrdn" or "Sardinia" was seen for the first time.

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