Ralph Anker

Ralph Anker


The ANKER Report


Ralph Anker started his aviation career at Cranfield University where he was a lecturer and researcher specialising in statistical analysis, forecasting, airports and marketing. After a brief spell at ICAO in Montreal working in the Forecasting and Economic Planning section, he returned to Cranfield to run the Masters in Air Transport programme.

In 2000 he left to join Maersk Air Ltd in Birmingham as Head of Business Development before joining BA's low-cost carrier Go-fly as Head of Network Planning in March 2001. After easyJet bought Go in 2002 he stayed in the Network Planning team until leaving at the end of 2002 to be a freelance consultant.

After a decade as Founding Editor and Chief Analyst at anna.aero, he has been MD of ANKER-aero and Editor of The ANKER Report since September 2017. The ANKER Report is a free monthly newsletter analysing traffic and route trends across Europe and North America. In addition he provides content for the Air Service One website.