Idan Maymon

Idan Maymon

Manager Economics & Budget Department

Israel Airport Authority


Idan Maymon began working at the Israel Airports Authority in 1994. He has filled several different positions including Manager of Economic and Budget Department, Senior Assistant to the CEO, Logistics Manager, and Senior Economist. He is currently Manager of Economic and Budget Department since 2008. His responsibilities include: preparation of yearly budget on Opex and Capex, costing projects, auditing departmental budgets and forecasting departmental costs.

He is currently working on: Financial management of the new Ramon airport in southern Israel, Aeronautical rates and charges, Economic and financial evaluation of new projects, Developing a Total Cost of Ownership model to be utilized for all IAA projects, Evaluating changes in the IAA financial IT infrastructure, Air Service Development of the new Ramon Airport, Prior to working in the IAA, he was in the Ministry of Transportation.

Idan is an MBA graduate from the University of Haifa in Israel.  Mr. Maymon joined the ACI World Economics Committee in 2011 and was Chair 2014-2016.