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United Airports of Georgia

United Airports of Georgia

  • United Airports of Georgia LLC is state-owned enterprise under the umbrella of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. 
  • It owns all civil airports of Georgia and operates Kutaisi International & Ambrolauri and Mestia Domestic Airports. 
  • Tbilisi & Batumi International airports are operated by TAV under BOT agreement. 
  • Airports of Georgia had +26% increase in passenger traffic in 2016 and 43% increase in passenger traffic during 2017. 

Tbilisi Airport

  • Country's primary airport
  • Runway length: 3,000 meters
  • Terminal capacity: 4,000,000 passengers
  • Passengers carried in 2016: 2,252,543; increase: 22%
  • Passengers carried in 2017: 3,164,275; increase: 40%
  • Operating airlines: 44
  • Based airlines: Georgian Airways
  • Destinations: 52

Kutaisi Airport

  • The only low cost airport in region
  • Runway length: 2,500 meters
  • New terminal capacity: 2,000,000 passengers
  • Passengers carried in 2016: 271,363; increase 48%
  • Passengers carried in 2017: 405,146; increase: 49%
  • Operating airlines: 6
  • Based airlines: Wizz Air
  • Destinations: 22

Batumi Airport

  • Runway length: 2,500 meters
  • Terminal capacity: 1,500,000 passengers
  • Passengers carried in 2016: 312,379; increase: 38%
  • Passengers carried in 2017: 495,704; increase: 59%
  • Operating airlines: 29
  • Destinations: 26


Georgian National Tourism Administration

Georgian National Tourism Association Tourism is one of the fastest developing sectors of the Georgian economy and has a high potential for further advancement. Within the past five years, Georgia has experienced tremendous growth in number of international arrivals, and by 2016 the country surpassed a record mark of 6.35 million visits.

With this, in the 5 months of 2017, Georgia has exceeded last year's record-breaking results by 9.7%, with more than 2.3 million international arrivals already traveling to the country. Furthermore, the country has also reached another milestone with international recipes from tourism exceeding 2 billion USD annually.

The increase of travelers was largely determined by the entrance of new airlines - the introduction of direct flights to new destinations, drastic improvement of infrastructure, marketing campaigns and development initiatives implemented by the Government of Georgia.

For 2017, Georgia will be represented on more than 20 international tourism trade fairs and expos, alongside major marketing campaigns throughout Europe, the Gulf region and CIS countries.

In accordance with the Georgia Tourism Strategy, the country will receive over 11 million international arrivals by 2025, which is considerably more than the local population. Moreover, the Government of the country has clear objectives to further diversify tourism markets and increase the share of travelers from Europe, Asia, and other regions. 

United Airports of Georgia


Located on the crossroads between Europe and Asia – Georgia has seamlessly integrated aspects of various cultures, while at the same time retaining its own unpatrolled identity. The country is renowned for its fascinating history, majestic Caucasus Mountains, curative climate, healing mineral waters, national parks, and is considered to be the birthplace of wine-making.  

The beauty of this nation, the diversity of the country, and the superior safety rankings have turned Georgia into a premier travel destination, which attracts enthusiasts, adventure and experience seekers from across the world.


The legendary capital city of Tbilisi has a charming history dating back to the 5th century (A.D.). It is striking how the city encompasses ancient architecture, beautiful scenery and cultural centres with all the amenities of modern lifestyle – leisure areas, restaurants, cafes, shopping facilities and nightlife. Over the centuries, the famous sulphur baths located at the heart of the city have hosted various poets, writers, musicians and kings.

Area: 350 km2 (219 sq miles)
Total population: 1,118,035
Time zone: GET (UTC +4)
Calling code: +995 322
Official website: www.tbilisi.gov.ge

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